History Edit

MIGU's test block was Test Block Epsilon.

 Personality Edit

Her real name unknown, MIGU identifies as a girl. She always types in full capitalisation, and omits some particles when typing. She tends to type without punctuation, though may use exclamations points.

MIGU seems very excitable.

 Appearance Edit

MIGU looks similar to the vocaloid Miku Hatsune. MIGU has two fur-covered arms protruding from her head, much like pigtails, except arms. Her legs are also fur-covered, and seem to end in paws. She also seems to have claws. She has a fur-covered tail, and is wearing a white polo shirt with long sleeves, and a green tie. Her fur is a greeny-grey.

Location Edit

Migu has said that she doesn't know what her planet looks like, since she has never left her office building, implying another corporate planet.

Trivia Edit

- MIGU's father is Hatsune Mike

- Komaeda is MIGU's brother.

-Nova is MIGU's sister-in-law