If you're reading this, you're most likely a new Subject, or you just learned that the telecommunications tumblr you just saw on your dash is actually an ARG.

Don't feel lost! This page should help you understand what's going on a little better. Have fun and enjoy your time with us!

What is this? Edit seems, at face value, like a standard corporate social media account. However upon closer inspection, it's actually an ARG! Much of it takes place in a Discord server. The link to it can be found in DCOM's Terms and Conditions. It's encrypted however, and in order to decode it you must use a Vigenere Cipher decoder. The key for the decoder is somewhere in the Terms and Conditions, so look out for phrases that stick out and get repeated a lot! This ARG has a lot of puzzles, so this is a way that make sure that people who join are willing to solve them.

I've joined the Discord, now what? Edit

First of all, welcome! The Sehans should get to you shortly and give you a new designation and assign you to a Test Block.

Channels Edit

The Discord is divided into the following channels:

Informational Edit

#the_showroom: DCOM-related chatter.

#timeline: For catching up new folks.

Universal Rooms Edit

#d_com_forums: Puzzle solving goes on here.

#rec_room: Off-topic chat.

#artwork: Post artwork here!

Test Blocks Edit

#test_block_delta: Delta team.

#test_block_gamma: Gamma team.

#test_block_zeta: Zeta team.

#test_block_epsilon: Epsilon team.

#test_block_eta: Eta team.

VIP Areas Edit

For Patrons only!

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